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6 K Style Gutter Protection

We Install High Quality 6-Inch K-Style Gutters

Like the 5 inch K-style gutter, 6 inch K-style gutters are a very popular choice for homes and businesses. It may sound like the 6 inch K-style is not that big of a jump from the 5 inch but it is a completely different gutter. The 6 inch K-style gutter will handle nearly twice the volume of water than that of a 5 inch k-style gutter. Not only do they handle more water, they also cover up more of the fascia. This adds to the appearance of the gutter making it look more like crown molding and less like something that does not belong on your fascia.

The 6 inch K-style gutter is perfect for any house or business with a large roof, it’s even perfect for steel roofs. A steel roof sheds water faster than asphalt shingles, so you need a larger gutter to catch and divert that water where it won’t do any damage. With a 6” K-style gutter we can also go further without the need for a downspouts, which allows us more choice in where the water disperses

Why Go With 6 Inch K-Style Gutters?

  • Seamless finish. All of our K-style gutters are made on site to the perfect length for your home, whether your project is 20 feet or 2,000 feet you get the same quality from Advantage Seamless on every project.
  • More water capacity. Our 6 inch K-style gutter system will handle the biggest of roofs.
  • Elegance and style, covering most of the fascia your 6 inch gutter from Advantage Seamless will look like a piece of crown molding that was meant to finish your home.
  • The thickest aluminum 0.032 inch
  • Strongest hangers on the market, the Brute hanger
  • Closer hanger spacing 18-20 inches
  • All stainless steel fasteners
  • 3×4 inch downspouts standard
  • Leak Free Box Miters
  • 25 Year warranty
  • Valor Gutter Guards optional: The best covers on the market.

Enjoy Quality K-Style Gutters, Today!

If you would like to know more about the benefits of our gutters, give us a call at (218) 270-2663 so we can schedule a visit. You can also send in our online contact form and enjoy a free estimate. Experience the Advantage today!

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