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Ice Dam Removal Services

Switch from traditional ice dam removal methods to the low-pressure steam method. Advantage Seamless Gutters is the only provider using the low-pressure steam method. We're well-known in Greater Minnesota for our advanced ice dam removal services.

Want to get rid of the ice dams on your roof after a snowstorm? Let us shovel snow off your roof and remove those ice dams using the low-pressure steam technique. Call us to learn about our annual winter roof maintenance plans. 
Ice dam removal

Ice Dams—The Problem

 An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof. If left untreated, it could cause major structural damage to a home or business. The water that backs-up behind the dam can leak into the structure and damage the walls, ceilings and insulation.

Although a common sign of winter in Minnesota, icicles are also a common sign of an ice dam and a definite sign that you should take action

Low Pressure Steam—The Solution

 A new trend in ice dam removal is the use of low pressure steam. This method utilizes specialized equipment that applies steam to the ice in a gentler way. There are other ice removal methods—the most common is high  pressure water—that utilize a forceful water stream and some chipping of the ice which tends to damage shingles.

Low Pressure Steam is faster and gentler than traditional methods of ice dam removal.

Advantage Ice Steamer is one of the only providers of this service in Greater Minnesota.

Warning Signs of Ice Dams

Whether the structure has a history of icicles or ice dams forming or not, you should watch for these warning signs:
  • Icicles forming on the edge of the roof
  • Icicles forming on the front of gutter
  • Ice forming behind the gutters
  • Ice or water appearing on an exterior wall
  • Water visible on a door or a window frame
  • Water or a wet spot appearing on an interior wall or ceiling
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